The Shadowrun universe is vast, with a depth that’s compelling and immersive. Core Supplements expand various aspects of the universe, whether it’s the core setting location of Seattle, the spirits and paranormal animals that occupy the Sixth World, what’s like to walk the streets out of the shadows, and more.

Though Seattle is the primary location of Shadowrun, the world is large, with a hundred sprawls and and just as many corporations spreading shadows where a runner can find work. Setting Sourcebooks flesh-out the details for cities and countries around the globe, offering additional locals for the team eager to see what’s in the shadows over there.

The Shadowrun universe is not static. Instead, it’s a dynamic, changing universe, with a host of plot threads of intrigue that weave through-out the Sixth World. Plot Sourcebooks expand upon existing threads or introduce new threads, pushing the universe forward and providing players with new and exciting concepts for their campaigns.

A new line of sourcebooks, Deep Shadows combines a large detailed setting, universe-advancing plot lines, and advanced and specialized gear information in one book to give players and gamemasters a whole host of new options to use in their campaign ; plot hooks allow for a myriad ways to tailor the contents to a host of game types.